Welcome to our finca!

We are glad that you are staying at our finca in the southwest of Tenerife. To make your holiday as wonderful as possible, we have put together a few tips for the use of our place...

... combined with a range of general advice and a list of some of our favourite places, beaches, restaurants, bars and shopping.

We wish you fantastic holidays!

Daniela & Roger

P.S.: Any questions? Call us:

  • +34 662603147 (Roger)
  • +34 650830506 (Daniela)

Things to know about our finca:


We get our water directly from a spring, approximately 1 km up the mountain providing clean drinking water... So no need to buy bottled water – you can drink directly from the tab.

During the summer, the water coming down from the hill might be quite hot during the day– so we recommend to shower in the morning or in the evening and put some drinking water in the fridge.


The whole Finca is powered with solar energy with a battery storage system. This works perfectly well, just please make sure, that you do not waste electricity by keeping TV, phones, etc. on stand-by. Please use high-consuming devices such as a hairdryer only during the day.

Central heating:

The house has a central heating system, that we can switch on for you if you need it. So feel free to ask us, if you feel cold;-)

Toilet (Sewage system):

We have a biological sewage system, so please do not throw anything in the toilet apart from toilet paper (no sanitary towels or tampons, please!)


The television set at the house is connected to a satellite receiver. You should be able to get all ASTRA programs.


There is quite a library that we are more than happy to share with you. You can as well swap the books you brought along for something from our collection. 


We provide free Wlan for the house, if you need it. Upon arrival you have to log in to the main network once for using the service.

Network name: Gastzugang

Password: Gast1bereich

Waste / Rubbish:

Like in many other countries we are separating the waste on the Canary Island as well. The bins are placed all over the island on the main roads:

  • green/grey bin: residual waste
  • yellow bin: plastic waste
  • blue bin: paper waste
  • round green bins: glass


Our multicoloured cat Spoty  and little Miss Karlsson belong to the house and love visitors. Please do not give them anything from the table or rests from your meals!