Welcome to our apartment

Things to know:


The water from the tap is unfortunately quite heavily chlorinated and therefore not suitable for drinking or cooking. You should use the water that is available everywhere in large 5 to 8 liter canisters.


Please only flush toilet paper down the toilet (no tampons, sanitary pads or food scraps) and do not use any aggressive cleaning agents.

TV / DVDs:

The TV is connected to a satellite receiver, so you can receive all ASTRA programs. We have also provided you with a small collection of DVDs, if you would like to have a movie night;-)


We have a small selection of exciting and interesting books in various languages in the apartment. You can leave books that you have brought with you, and you can take another book from the library.


We provide free Wi-Fi for our guests. You need to log in once after your arrival.

  • Network name: RL-SSID1
  • Password: wdrltcec

Waste separation:

Waste separation is also carried out on the Canary Islands. There are appropriate containers on the street opposite the apartment complex where you can dispose of your waste directly.

  • Green/grey bin: general waste
  • Yellow bin: plastic waste
  • Blue bin: paper waste
  • Round green containers: glass

There is also a possibility to dispose of general waste at the right entrance next to the mailboxes in the house itself.

House rules:

Please dispose your waste regularly! In the heat, an unpleasant smell develops quickly and unwanted insects are also attracted.

If there is a power cut, please first check the main switch which is located next to the entrance door. If this is not the cause, please check with the neighbors - short power outages can occur once in a while here on the island.

Please only use the air conditioning when you really need it and turn it off when you leave the apartment - it is a real power guzzler;-)

Our apartment is a non-smoking apartment and smoking is not allowed inside. You can smoke on the terrace, but please do not dispose of cigarette butts and ash in the garden.

Please be considerate of your neighbors and keep your noise level down.


If we cannot be there personally when you leave, please simply leave the keys on the kitchen counter and close all windows and doors carefully. We would also be grateful if you would simply stack the used towels and bed sheets in a pile in the large bathroom, dispose of the waste and pack dirty dishes into the dishwasher and turn it on before leaving.