Places of interest

Here are some of our favourite places to visit:

  • Mirador Lomo Molino - viewpoint with great panoramic views when the weather is good. It's a great stopover on the way from south to north.

  • Garachico - the old capital of Tenerife was partially buried during a volcanic eruption. As a result, natural swimming pools have formed (be sure to take your swimsuit with you!). The small town invites you to stroll around. There are several restaurants around the church square.

  • Puertito de Los Silos - beautiful walk along the rougher north coast.

  • La Laguna - the most beautiful pedestrian zone on the island invites you to stroll. There are plenty of historic houses with interior patios to visit. Driving is a bit of a pain in La Laguna, so we always leave our car in this car park on the edge of the city and walk a couple of steps into town.  

  • El Medano - the town is close to the south airport and has a nice beach promenade. There are lots of restaurants and small, original shops overlooking the sea where the kite surfers go wild.

  • Los Abrigos - small fishing village with a beautiful harbour pier with some fish restaurants.

  • La Caleta - Beautiful beach promenade that invites you to take a walk. Paragliders often land there in the afternoon, if the thermals allow it. Pack your swimsuit.

  • Candelaria - small town on the east coast with an impressive basilica and statues of the Guanche kings (indigenous natives).

  • Guia de Isora - our 'home town', where there is almost no tourism and you can observe the life of the locals. There are a few restaurants around the church square and the place offers a nice walk.