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Healthy and energetic food based on ancient Chinese wisdom

pasta mit ucola avocadopesto350Asian people have a much more holistic health concept than we have in most European countries.
For thousands of years they have collected their observations and found out that body, mind and soul form a unity.
With the help of the ancient concepts of yin and yang and the five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water we can easily balance all aspects of life.  
This is the base of a long and prosperous life and personal wellbeing.

“The earlier, the better” was always the motto of traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore it is more than clear, that with a consciousness on nutrition we can avoid imbalances of the five elements in our body and thus avoid and / or cure diseases.

Each element has different characteristics. To define which food belongs to which element we have to look at: taste, colour, form and effect.

Equally important is the energetic effect; that is various food can have on our organism. In five elements nutrition we distinguish between cold, refreshing, neutral, warm and hot food.

The main idea of this kind of alimentation is to create and maintain the harmony between body and soul. If we are balanced, we do not get ill and are strong enough to cope with smaller and bigger troubles in our daily life.