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chinesischer TierkreisA Chinese horoscope doesn't only give you the character of a person, it also shows strong and weak points of your body. If it is thoroughly made it gives you information about yourself, your main focus in your life and your physical constitution. Therefore without a Chinese horoscope you can't really do a good Feng Shui or health consultation, as you are not looking for common known rules, but individual personal advice. With the information from a Chinese horoscope you get a deeper look at your constitution, maybe even preventing sicknesses.

It would be ideal if your personal 5 elements are in a harmonic circle. Your Chinese horoscope tells you how strong or weak every single element is and it’s influences on your life. 

When you hear about the Chinese horoscope, you will came across some exceptional animal names like the Tiger or the Pig. So if somebody from China calls you a pig it's most probably a compliment as he is referring to your year of birth. But the information from the year of birth animal is only a quarter of a complete Chinese horoscope.
Every person possesses four animal signs; one for the year, one for the month, one for the day and one for the hour. Your personal animal sign for the year and for the hour is pretty easy to calculate. Just click the button 'Calculations' on the left to find further instructions.

Keep in mind, that a website can never give all the details of a Chinese horoscope. Therefore all the text you'll find on our website about the animals is only a brief introduction to the topic. A complete Chinese horoscope needs advanced calculations and also an interpretation of the 5 Elements. 

Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us, if you are interested to get your personal Chinese horoscope.