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The time of origin point of the five elements cannot be exactly dated historically. Nevertheless, recordings prove that their origins probably date back about 2,500 years.

In old China the five elements stood originally for the five planets Jupiter (wood), Mars (fire), Saturn (earth), Venus (metal) and Mercury (water). Then on the basis of astronomical and astrological observations over the centuries not only the seasons, forms and colours, but also every animal and every plant became assigned to an element. Also the human body as a part of the universal creation follows these legitimacies. Our organism with its spiritual, physical and mental functions reflect the order of the nature and is a microcosm of the universe. Thus our internal organs, the senses and our sensations can also be assigned to the five elements and yin and yang. With the help of the 5 elements we can recognise natural laws that we need to follow, if we want to lead a harmonic and healthy life.

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