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In five elements nutrition we distinguish between cold, refreshing, neutral, warm and hot food. The following 5 elements food chart shows some categories.


wood element


Fire element


Earth element


Metal element


Water element



All kind of grilled meat, bitter liqueur cognac, hot wine

Fennel seed tea

All hot spices like (cayenne pepper, chili, tabasco..), wodka, spirits, rum whisky, cinnamom,



chicken, vinegar parsley, cherry juice, green spelt, wild garlic

lamb, sheep, goat, all kinds of dairy product made of sheep or goat milk,
all kind of aromatic herbs such as orégano, rosmary, thyme, basil, juni-per berry, curcuma, mild paprika, pop-py, cocoa, coffee, red wine, all kinds of bitter herb teas

amarant, quinoa, fennel, pumpkin, sweet potato, cherry, peach, apricot, raisins, coconut and coconut milk, vanilla, walnut pistachios, pumpkin and sunflower seeds pine seeds, linseeds, walnut oil, liqueur camomile tea, sweet wine

Game, oats, leek, chives, horse radish, garlic, shallot, raw onion, mature and spicy cheese, gorgonzola, blue cheese, dill,ginger, coriander, mustard, nutmeg cardamom, curry, carraway, bayleaf, clove, pepper

eel, trout, salmon, sole, anchovy, crustacea like lobster, crab, shrimp, prawn, langostini, mussels,

all kinds of smoked fish


rabbit, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, cottage cheese

rye, brussel sprouts beetroot, bitter almond, mejoram, hot water

beef, corn, gravel, cabbage, green beans, pea, carrot, potato, plum, grape, avocado , papaya, butter, egg, all dairy milk products, honey, marzipan, brown and white sugar, malt, maple tree sirup peanut, hazelnut, sesame,saffron, almond, malt beer, dates and figues, mushroom, peanut oil, liquorice

goose, turkey, rice

pig, bacon, ham, smoked ham, nearly all kind of fish like carp, cod, sardine, tuna fish

lentils, soy bean, kidney beans, azuki beans, black beans


spelt, wheat, sour dough, yeast, duck, kefir, butter mrilk, sour cream cream cheese, yoghurt
sauerkraut, sprouts, sour apples, orange, mandarines, lemon, lime, pineapple, sour cherry, white wine, champagne, cider, rose hip tea, wheat beer,

endive, chicory and all kinds of bitter salads, artichoke, rucola dandilion, sage, buckwheat, elder, grapefruit, quince, ale

cereal coffee

yoghurt from goat milk

barley, millet, wheat bran, chard, egg plant, pepper, celery, esparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, zucchini, tarragon, nearly all kinds of sweet fruits like apple, pear or melon, tofu, soy milk, seitan, olive oil, sesame oil and soy oil, fruit and vegetable juice

kohlrabi, radish,

watercress cress,

mint tea

octopus, squid, chickpea, alga from sweet water like spirulina, chlorella and Afa, olives, mung beans, stinging nettle tea, oyster



kiwi, kaki, karam-bole, rhubarb,

Green tea, tea 

cucumber, banana, mango, watermelon


Alga from the sea, caviar, salt, soja sauce, miso, mineral water with and without gas