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Holz-2014WOOD – the fresh and active energy of spring

Wood stands for creativity, independence and a pleasure to play. It not only represents spring time, but our childhood as well. Wood always wants to grow – preferably without limitations -  and if you show him its boundaries it can react  violent-tempered or insulted. Vivid green colours belong to the wood element  as well as long-stretched forms and the sour taste. Physically, liver and gall bladder are the organs of the wood element. Emotions like anger and fury can be accumulated in the liver and cause serious health problems.  

feuer2014FIRE – warmth and energy for an active life

Fire stands for activity and pure life energy, but as well for our mental and intellectual expansion and spirituality. The season of this element is summer of course due to its warm temperatures. In the human life cycle, fire represents the first steps towards self-realization and thus our teenager age. The colour red in all its shades stands for the fire element, as well as triangle and pointed forms and the bitter taste. Heart and small intestine are the fire organs in our body. Heart and circulatory disturbances are typical symptoms of a disturbed fire element. 

Erde2014EARTH  – be centered with more stability and security

Earth stands for stability, security and a strong family connection and often shows with an unflexible and conservative mind. It represents tradition, solidarity and the will to support those who are in need. Earth is a symbol for the center as well and describes the time of maturity in our lifes. All yellows and browns belong to the earth element just as flat and even rectangular forms and the sweet taste. On the physical level stomach and spleen belong to the earth element. The emotions connected with the earth element are sorrows and worries.

Metall2014METAL  – organized and structured into the autumn of your life 

Metal means ambition, determination, progress and persistance. It also stands for strategic thinking and rational dealing with money. Autumn is the season connected with this element. In our life cycle metal means the time, when we stop building and start looking for the essentials and get rid of old habits. White is the colour of the metal, its form is rounded, its taste is spicy. Physically an imbalance of the metal element shows most likely at the lungs or the large intestine.  

Wasser2014WATER – source of wisdom and mental strength 

Water represents the mind and likes to think without limits. Emotions and enthusiasm loose their importance, life takes place more likely on a mental level. In our life cycle as in the seascons this is the time of winter, where we retire to the inside and concentrate on the important things. Black and dark blue are the colours of the water element, its form is irregular and wave-shaped. The salty taste belongs to the water element. Kidneys and bladder are the organs of this element, which can be harmed most likely by negative emotions such as fear and anxiety.